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Q: Pasternak Findings sells certain items as raw materials. Does this affect the quality of the items?
A: Our silver and gold sheets wires and strips are sold as raw materials. This means that they are not polished and/or finished. In gold and silver sheets this may mean some minor scratches can be seen on the surface. The wires are mostly shiny but not polished. The same applies to the silver and gold strips. White gold sheets and wires are supplied as is without Rhodium finish and therefore typically exhibit grayish-yellowish tints of white gold alloys. Gold sheets are produced in our factory and therefore have a large range of size, thickness and different levels of hardness. Gold sheets are manufactured in a standard width of 70 mm and you may select your preferred thickness and specify the length you wish to cut from the sheet. Our gold wires are also produced in our factory and are available in a large range of sizes and different levels of hardness: Dead Soft, Half Hard, and Hard. Special customized products are our specialty.

Q: What size jump rings are available on our site? Can you custom make sizes that are not listed online?
A: We offer the silver jump rings in 0.8mm/20ga, and 1.0mm/18ga. (0.6mm/22ga, 0.7mm/21ga and 0.9mm19ga are available with a minimum order of at least 20gr).
If you have a special request for measurements other than those listed above, we can most accommodate your needs. In order to process your custom order, a minimum will apply. Please contact us for details.
Please note: to gauge conversions, we recommend using the Precious Metal Size and Weight Converter on our site.
Q: What can I use end caps for?
A: We find that end caps are best used for soldering onto silver chains. Our end caps are especially made for chains that have a round diameter fitting the end cap. Our standard end caps are not made for crimping and glue would work better if you attach them to leather/cotton/rubber cords.

Q: My shipment may require special packaging. What is the standard size of tubes that Pasternak ships in? Can you accommodate my needs for special packaging?
A: Our regular packaging fits a maximum of 30cm/1ft length of tubes. Please let us know how to cut the tubes in your order to best fit your needs. Should you require a tube longer than 30cm/1ft, we can accommodate your needs, but the special packaging will affect the price of shipping. Please email us regarding your specific requirements.

Q: I am having difficulty processing my online order. I keep getting  messages that ‘a mandatory field is missing.
A: Usually, when you attempt to place an order and receive a message that ‘a mandatory field is missing,’ it is because you have accidentally overlooked or forgotten to fill in one of the fields on the page. If you still cannot resolve this issue, please send us a screenshot of your cart where you are receiving this error message. To take a screenshot, press the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard and then paste the clipboard content into any document. If you are using a Mac, press command+shift+3, and you will get a picture file of your screen on your desktop. While we try to resolve the problem, you may send us the list of items you wish to order via email or fax. If via email, do not disclose your credit card details. Leave us your telephone number and we will call you for the details.

Q: When I try to place my online order, I receive a message that my credit card is being refused. Why is this happening?
A: Pasternak Findings is located abroad. Credit card companies often block overseas transactions in order to protect customers from cases of fraud. You can contact your bank or credit company to easily resolve this problem.  Please note that you can also pay for your order via Pay-Pal. If you need any further help or instruction, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives.
Q: How can I return items to Pasternak Findings?
A: If you wish to return an item that you have purchased, please email us a detailed list of the items you will be returning, including weights and costs of the items. The items themselves should be returned in their original packaging, with a copy of the invoice inside, AND a copy of the list of returned items sent by mail.
Return items should be sent by regular air mail to the address below. A 20% handling fee will be deducted from the refund. We ask that you email us when the package has been sent.
After the package arrives in our offices, we can either refund your Pay-Pal account, or offer you credit to be used towards a future order. Please let us know which option you prefer.
Returns address:
Pasternak Findings

11, Ha-Racoon street 

Ramat Gan 5252188


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A: We are able to offer wholesale or discounted prices to customers who purchase in large quantities. On our site, we offer three different price categories, depending on the quantities being purchased. The higher the quantity purchased, the lower the price is per unit. If you require certain items in very large quantities, send us an email with a list of the items you are interested in and an estimate of how many of each item you would like to purchase, and we may be able to offer you additional discounts. We are always looking for new ways to help meet our customers’ needs and would love to learn more about you and your business so that we can serve you better.

Q: I was asked by the delivery company to pay additional fees. What shouls I do?

A: Please refer to our website, shipping information page:  Shipping & returns
We specifically note there the trivial fact that local VAT may apply to your order. The law of any country around the globe states that any purchase, local or imported, is subjected to local VAT. This is valid for goods you purchase from your local supplier or from anywhere in the world. Having said that, we know from the experience of our customers, that many times packages go through without being charged local VAT.


Trade free agreements between the US, UK, EU, Australia and Israel determine that only local VAT applies to trades between the countries. We take great efforts to make sure that all the required documents are provided to the customs authorities with the shipments, hence all our shipments are free from such duties.


In some rare occasions, the delivery company erroneously asks for additional fees and then we ask our customers to refuse paying and even refuse the package until this issue is cleared. Customers should then contact us immediately and provide us with as much details as possible.  


It normally takes up to few days to clear it and release the package without payments however, once the customer has paid the initial requirement, there is little we can do from our side.