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Bezel Wire

Bezel Wire

Изображение Decorated Half Round Wire

Decorated Half Round Wire

Twisted Wire

Twisted Wire

Изображение Decorated Half Round Wires

Decorated Half Round Wires

Изображение Decorated Bezel Wires

Decorated Bezel Wires

Изображение Decorated Bezel Wire

Decorated Bezel Wire

Decorative Sheet-Width 100mm

Decorative Sheet-Width 100mm

This findings gallery exhibits a large selection of Gold decorated wire and sheets in various gold karats (9K,14K,18K and 22K gold) and gold colors (yellow and rose).

Also available are Mesh Sheets.

You may also be interested in seeing our selection of sterling silver Decorated Sheets and strips all at great cost-effective wholesale prices.

Pasternak Findings & Jewelry Supply is a leading and trusted supplier of jewelry making supplies, wholesale or retail. Main supplier for designers and goldsmiths.

MARKET PRICES AS OF 21.08.2023:   GOLD1986 | PLATINUM 941 | SILVER 23.26