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Ordering Information/How to order?

Our minimum order is 250$ (Shipping Cost included)

Most International orders are shipped within 72 hours after the registration of the order.
Ordering Methods
All of our products are updated on our website.
You may choose between one of the following available ordering methods:
1. Online Order
2. Telephone Orders
3. Fax Orders
4. E-mail Orders
How to Order On-line

We have made our best efforts to make your tour in our site as pleasant and convenient as possible.
In order to find an item you can choose between three different search engines:

1. Enter an item code & GO
2. Enter a fast search path & GO
3. Surf through the complete shop tree.
The shop is divided into nine major fields: Ring mountings, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, Gold findings, Metals, Platinum, Silver findings, Jewelry supplies.

Each field is divided into categories and each category is divided into different sub-categories. By clicking a sub-category you'll enter  the items tables, from which you can add to your basket and place your order.
Note: Registration is required prior to placing an order

While surfing through the shop tree, a double click on one of the metal fields will lead you to a page containing all the categories related to that field, on your left hand side. Clicking one of the categories will open a table with photos of items that represent the sub-categories related to this category. A click on an image of the sub-category table will lead to the items table.
The page with the items table is divided into two parts: On the upper side you'll see a large image of the representative item of the following table that is located under the large image. Any click on an item image will enlarge it and will cause this image to become the representative image of this table.
Between the large image and the table you'll find a karat selector, drop down window in which you may choose your desired karat for this section of items than select the size. If you are an experienced and/or a frequent visitor of our site, and you know the item codes you’re looking for, you are invited to choose your items by choosing their codes from the drop box on the upper left side of the home page.
To enrich your surf experience and in order to help you make on line weight calculations and other scale conversions, we have added some useful calculators and conversion tables.
A confirmation for your order will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours, containing all the relevant delivery details.
In order to check the status of your order and all the details of your previous orders, you can mail us and we shall send you all the requiered information.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I request a customized order?
Answer:  If you wish to place a customized order that does not appear on our on-line shop, you can send us an Email through the “contact us” link on the home page, entering your specifications for the requested customized item.
Additionally, you may add these specifications under the general
comments field before submitting your order.

2.?What are the advantages of registering and how is it done
Answer: After the registration a special account will be created: “My Account” where you can track all the activities in your account, view previous orders etc.
               Registered users benefit from an exclusive customer club where they can get information and advise from specialists.  In Addition, you benefit from ongoing online promotions.
               After registration you may start your purchase and order from the on-line shop.
In order to register, you can click on "register".
3. Is it safe to use my credit card?
Answer: Yes it is safe. There is a safety system called ssl that encodes your details in order to enable a secure purchase. For your protection we don’t store credit card information on our web.

4. Is there another method of payment except credit card?
Answer: There are three methods of payment: by credit card, by Pay Pal or by Bank transfer.

5. Do you accept international orders?
Answer:  Yes, we accept international orders. 

6. How much do you charge per delivery?
Answer: You can see the shipping rates at the bottom of the "customer service" page. 

7. Can I see my previous orders?
Answer: Yes you can. you can view your previous orders by clicking the button "My Account" at the top of the page or the bottom of it and then click on "list history"

8. How does protect customer information?
Answer: We use the SSL system on our site, in order to enable you a secure purchase. In addition, we do not sell, trade or rent personal information to any outside party.

9. Can I change the items I choose in the basket before submitting the order?
Answer:  Yes you can. You can change the quantity and even delete it.

10.  When is my credit card charged?
Answer: We charge your credit card after closing the package, before shipment.

11. How do you recommend avoiding the Cadmium risks?
Answer: Avoid creating dust. Avoid contact with eyes or skin.
Do not take internally. Do not breathe fumes or dust, which can cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, as well as lung and kidney disease. Fumes or dust may also be poisonous and irritate your eyes, nose and throat.
Use only with adequate ventilation such as fume collectors, exhaust ventilators or air-supplied respirators. Keep away from children

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