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Jewelry Conversion Tables

To find the weight of an article in a metal karat different from that in which it is now made:

1.Find the present karat in the first vertical column.
2.Multiply the present weight by the factor in the same horizontal row under the new karat.

Example: 9K bracelet weights 10 gram, what will it weight in 18K?

Along the horizontal row marked 9K in the first column under the heading 18K we find

1.34x10=13.40 grams, weight in 18K.To convert from feet to meters, multiply the number of feet by 0.3048.

Weight Conversion

1 troy Ounce = 31.10gr.

1 troy Ounce = 20 penny weights (dwt)

1.5552gr = 1penny weight (dwt)

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