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September 2007 Newsletter: Raw Materials

Pasternak Findings Newsletter
September, 2007: More about Gold raw materials

Just before you start updating your jewelry collection for the Christmas sales, it is time to remind you all of our unique service for gold supply. When it comes to gold raw materials, we are second to none in flexibility, adjustability and quality. Since not all of you are aware of the various possibilities you have when ordering raw materials, we have decided to review it here.
Also, following many questions from our subscribers, we've selected to review in this issue a special item: the Bi-metal sheet- a unique, double sided jewelry sheet: 900 gold (21.6K gold) one face and 935 silver on the other.

Gold-Silver, Bi-Metal Sheet
This unique dual-face designer sheet is used to enrich designs
with the unique look of the high-karat gold, while maintaining an affordable price.
One face of this sheet is 900 gold (21.6K), which makes 13% of the total sheet. The rest 87% is 935 silver. The dual face sheet is 1 mm thick, but could be easily rolled down to your desired thickness.
Special offer to our customers and subscribers: when ordering this unique dual-face sheet, let us know your preferred thickness and we will roll it down for you at NO EXTRA COST.
Item code:2240
Things to know about ordering raw gold supplies
Had enough of minimum requirements for ordering gold sheets?
Did you ever give up on your gold sheet order because you needed just a narrow strip and not a whole sheet?
Did you loose precious gold dust when sawing a band out of your gold sheet?
Did you wish to receive your gold sheets pre-annealed to dead soft, half-hard or hard degrees?
For those of you who don't know, when ordering gold raw materials with Pasternak Findings you:
·   Are able to order as narrow gold strips as you wish - NO MINIMUM QUANTITY
·   Gain in yield - we will cut out gold bands with NO ADDITIONAL COST (all you need to do is order your gold sheets in any desired widths. Note: one dimension is always fixed to 70 mm)
·   Get your gold sheets, gold bands, gold wires and/or gold strips in dead soft, half-hard or hard, pre-annealing degree at NO ADDITIONAL COST (just write us and let us know your preferences)
·    Get the finest gold quality that stands the highest industry standards and passes severe quality checks at our gold refinery plant
·    Get variety of standard gold karats (9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 21K 22K & 24K) in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold (whenever karat level allows), or ask for any other custom made gold karat (ask about required minimum quantity).

And, whenever you wish to get an estimate for the weight of gold sheet or wire you need, enter our weight calculator page, select your preferred gold karat, enter the dimensions you need, and the weight is automatically calculated for you. It is free and you are welcome to use it anytime.
Your opinion is very important to us.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or any questions. We are always happy to hear from you.
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