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March 2010: Best Online Prices on Gold Wires & Gold Sheets

Pasternak Jewelry Findings

Pasternak Findings Newsletter
March 2010: Best Online Prices on Gold Wires & Gold Sheets

Dear subscribers,

At Pasternak Findings, our customers are our first priority. With the increasingly rising price of gold, many jewelry designers are having difficulty coping. Pasternak Findings has come to the rescue with guaranteed low prices for gold wires and/or gold sheets.

Pasternak guarantees that our prices for gold are the best ones you will find online.

Crazy? Wild? Extreme? Or all of the above? Pasternak’s guaranteed low gold prices are part of our commitment to serving our customers and encouraging growth and creativity amongst our community of designers.

How do we do this?
Pasternak Findings has its own precious metals refinery plant. We manufacture gold wires and gold sheets in-house and save you all middleman, intermediate costs.

Round gold wires

Half-round gold wires Square Gold Wires Gold Sheets, Gold Bands
Round Gold Wires Half-Round Gold Wires Square Gold Wires Gold Sheets, Gold Bands


How does it work?
We invite you to search the internet and compare prices for solid gold raw materials (same day, same purchased quantity). Find anything cheaper than your purchase at Pasternak? We will give you a refund for the difference!

Your added value when buying your gold wires/sheets with us?

  • Top quality in the jewelry industry - Guaranteed
  • Best prices all over the internet - Guaranteed
  • No minimum quantity requirement - order any length/weight
  • Customized gold raw materials - non standard sizes and gold karats
  • Fast shipping, quick delivery
  • Excellent customer service


Your opinion is important to us!

We'd be happy to hear from you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any question, comment or suggestion and we'll be happy to assist.

 Pasternak Findings Team.

21, Tuval Str., Diamond Stock Exchange District, Ramat-Gan,Israel , 52522Israel
Phone: USA Toll Free Number 1-877-734-3734, +972-3-5256047E-mail: